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I see beauty in all things. Things can be tragically beautiful, white trash beautiful, morbidly, oddly beautiful. .
I believe flowers shouldn't be picked, bugs shouldn't be killed unless they pose a direct threat, and that as humans we should respect all things small and not be egocentric because of our larger size.
Music is my soul, it is truly everything to me.
I am a water bearer scorpion (aquarius sun/Scorpio moon).
The Shins are my favorite, tied with the Beatles. I love RHCP, Florence and the Machine, Pink Floyd, Death Cab, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Broken Bells, Jack White, Led Zeppelin, Beck, etc.
I'm a huge Lostie, and after three years of finishing Lost, I still think about it every day.
I dig Star Trek, Wilfred, and the Walking Dead as well.
I'm a day tripper and mushrooms are my favorite.
Acid and ganga are tied for second.
I have anxiety and depression.
Some days all I want to do is sleep to relieve me from my thoughts.
I just want someone to sit in a bathtub with me and read poetry.
I am mommy to the beautiful
Jonah Lennon <3.
I celebrate John Lennon and James Mercer's birthdays every year.
I post lots of writing, quotes, lit.
I am a writer. It's proven to be a good source of therapy for me.
My life continues to be a strange story.
I want rock songs played at my funereal.
I like to go play Bingo.
I am simple yet overly complex.
I promise to take you beyond the mundane.
" l like fireworks, candlelight, and fake bad news"
The first and only time I did cocaine was in a pair of pearls and two people did lines off my belly; twas white trash beautiful.
I am a serial monogamist..
I wish I could have my childhood back and change a few things.
When I search for true love, a few of my criteria include: I have to be able to speak to him in a metaphor, he must have much intellect and the curiosity of life and existence and all the mysteries of this crazy, beautiful weird thing of being a human in a soul, in a body, seeing through eyes, breathing in and out... he has to ponder that and quite often as I do. He must be slightly impulsive and always be willing to lay in a field of flowers on the side of the road with with me at random.
My guilty pleasures are pain, eating frosting by the spoonfuls, sweet tea, reality tv (dance moms, teen mom, the bachelorette), sleeping to dream, pastels, people watching, maybe even makeup sex, i'm unsure..
I am 23 years old.
The name's Anna.
I support being barefoot.
I love tumblr and questions so ask me anything if you feel. <3

*indie *soft grunge
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